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ZEUS Grime Sticks are cotton swabs with an integrated ethanol head. You can use them to clean many parts of your vaporizer, especially the heating chamber. ZEUS Grime Sticks are incomparably efficient and easy to use. By breaking off the head along the marking to the side, the ethanol gets into the cotton via the stick, making the cleaning process very easy and clean. Clean your vaporizer regularly so that you can always benefit from a fresh and high quality vapor.

scope of delivery

20 x ZEUS grime sticks

Operating Tips

  1. Take the ZEUS Grime Stick out of the packaging.
  2. Break your head along the mark.
  3. Let the alcohol in your head run into the cotton wool.
  4. Use the soaked end to clean the glass, ceramic, or metal parts of your vaporizer.
  5. Then throw the Grime Stick away.
  6. Rinse the cleaned part or run your vaporizer at the highest temperature level to remove all residues.
  7. Repeat the process if necessary.

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