What is cannabidiol, or CBD for short?

What effect can cannabidiol have?

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a non-psychoactive ingredient in the hemp plant and can be used, among other things, to treat pain, nausea and cachexia in cancer patients.

In addition, it is not addictive and has no or dampening side effects. Please note the dosage. Each product has different recommendations for use. Kidney damage can result from overdosing.

Cannabidiol stimulates the body's CB1, 5-HT1A and vanilloid receptors, which are responsible for a healthy psychological and physical balance in the body.

The effect of CBD is reminiscent of a pain pill. The active ingredient is transported to the brain via the blood and causes the nervous system to reduce inflammation symptoms or ignore pain.

Numerous studies have shown that a decrease in metastases could be observed in some patients, while the spread of cancer cells slowed in others. A 2017 study shows that CBD can weaken cancer cells, making them more susceptible to the damaging effects of radiation therapy. Cannabidiol can also be used for various complaints from cancer patients, such as pain, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and loss of appetite. This is mainly due to the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD.

CBD for pain

Cannabidiol can also help with pain. As a result, CBD is an option for all pain. Bone pain is particularly important in cancer patients. For nerve pain, the use of THC or THC in combination with CBD is advisable.

Even the oral mucosa that is attacked by chemotherapy or radiation therapy can be soothed with CBD hemp oil. Furthermore, CBD oil is said to have an antispasmodic effect in cancer.

CBD for depression and anxiety

Cannabidiol has shown antidepressant properties in various studies. It has been shown that CBD interferes with brain metabolism and increases the effects of serotonin and glutamate. This mode of action can lead to a clearly noticeable increase in mood. Cannabidiol can suppress anxiety on the one hand and make it easier to forget or repress traumatic memories. Even a small amount of CBD can help with anxiety and panic attacks.

CBD helps with sleep disorders and loss of appetite

Research has shown that CBD can be helpful for trouble sleeping and falling asleep as a result of fearful thoughts or memories. Cannabidiol can help to stimulate the appetite and thus to gain weight, especially in the early stages of cancer.

The most important facts of CBD at a glance

- promotes bone growth
- reduces convulsions and seizures (eg in epilepsy)
- reduces blood sugar levels
- reduces inflammation
- prevents artery blockage
- helps with nausea and vomiting   - relieves pain
- relieves anxiety
- reduces all stock growth
- helps with psoriasis
- Vasorelxant (improves blood circulation in the eyes)
- antibacterial
- inhibits the growth of cancer cells

The income options depend on the product

CBD oils can be added to meals or taken orally. CBD crystals can be vaporized or dissolved in liquid. CBD ointment & cream suitable for application to the skin and as a care product. CBD liquid suitable for vaping in e-cigarettes (CBD dissolved in a glycol solution).

CBD Liquid is the most popular product

CBD liquid, also called e-juice or vape oil, is the fastest and most effective way to take CBD. It is suitable for vaping and inhaling in e-cigarettes and contains no nicotine or THC. Vaporizing and inhaling means that the active ingredient is absorbed by the body much more quickly because it does not have to be split in the digestive tract. CBD E-Liquid is also ideal for smoking cessation and as an aid for THC withdrawal.

The dosage varies depending on the product and concentration, so we recommend starting with a less concentrated CBD product. The dose can be regulated via the CBD content or the number of puffs.

Hemp cosmetics for every skin type

CBD in cosmetics is particularly well suited to alleviate and reduce skin problems. The pain relieving and anti-inflammatory property of CBD can not only be effective for dry skin, acne, neurodermatitis and other skin problems, but also joint pain and joint swelling can relieve CBD cream.

CBD crystals are suitable for lovers

CBD crystals are the purest form of CBD products and should have a cannabidiol content of at least 98%. The crystals contain no THC and therefore have no psychoactive effect.

There are different ways of using it. They can be vaporized, smoked, dissolved in oil, or taken orally.

The dosage of the crystals is individual. We recommend starting with a low dose. If the desired effect does not occur, you can repeat the application after waiting at least one to two hours and increase the dosage.

CBD can not only be taken for illnesses or complaints, but also as a preventative measure. CBD can help to improve general well-being, which has not been noticed before. After just seven days of taking CBD regularly, sleep can improve significantly, which leads to more balance in everyday life.

My personal experience with CBD:   

Since I have lived in Berlin, I have occasionally suffered from anxiety, for example the fear that something might happen to my dogs. The fear had me so much under control that I only carried our 2-year-old bull terrier male with a leash. There was never any thought of free access. I have been taking CBD hemp oil regularly for almost 3 months and have a better grip on my fear. The leash is still there, but I'm making progress and feel safer with every walk. CBD has also helped me improve my sleep. I feel well rested in the morning and fit for the day. My husband and I take CBD oil in the morning and evening and have felt much better since then. My conclusion on CBD is consistently positive and I can only recommend it to everyone.

Hemp oil is also suitable for animals

Our dogs also take CBD oil for animals every day. We give our little Yorki lady CBD for cancer prevention and general wellbeing. She is very lively at home and sometimes a little cheeky. Outside, however, she is very frightened and often does not look where she is going, so that she would have been hit by cyclists almost several times. Since we started giving her CBD, her behavior outside has changed. She can now deal better with unexpected noises, cyclists or joggers walking past us and does not jump to the side in panic. Our bull terrier male, just like the little one, gets CBD oil from Enecta. We have bought several CBD products and are totally satisfied with the price-performance ratio. A glass bottle with a pipette for precise dosing is enough for us for almost two months. The CBD oil helps our male to control himself better. He is one and a half years old and needs a lot of attention. If he doesn't get it, he'll jump around on the couch or break something. Sometimes he endangers them by almost jumping on them or running around them. This can be dangerous for the little one, since it weighs only 2.5 kg. In the meantime he has a better grip and our walks are also more relaxed. He has finally become responsive to me and his permanent barking has also become much less. We are super happy to have discovered CBD oil for us, it has only positive effects for all of us.

This lets us conclude

This report is in no way intended to question or advise against conventional medicine. It is for general information only.   In summary, CBD is not a miracle cure that cures cancer or replaces conventional cancer therapy. However, CBD is a potential treatment option when conventional therapies are ineffective.

In combination with some drugs, there may be interactions.

Please contact a doctor before taking.

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